The Search for General Tso (2014): An original score that blends a Spaghetti Western sound palette with Eastern melodies and phrasing to recount the story of the Americanization of Chinese food. World premiere at Tribeca Film Festival; official selection at Seattle International Film Festival and Independent Film Festival Boston.

Terra Firma (2014): A rootsy partial score that’s alternately dark and uplifting depicts the challenges of female combat veterans returning to civilian life. Jury award winner, Rome International Film Festival (GA).

My Brooklyn (2012): Elements of hip-hop, soul, R&B, pop and folk are fused in a score that traces the gentrification of Brooklyn from the 1970s through today. Audience award winner, Brooklyn Film Festival; TV premiere on PBS’ America ReFramed.

The City Dark (2011): This original score melds organic and electronic textures to paint a picture of human, animal and environmental lives on a planet that never sleeps. Best documentary score at SXSW 2011; Emmy nomination for Outstanding Science and Technology Programming; official selection at MountianFilm in Telluride, SXSW, Independent Film Festival Boston.

King Corn (2007): A folksy and boisterous score accompanies two friends on their journey into the American heartland. Peabody award winner; 60-city theatrical release; TV premiere on PBS’ Independent Lens.

Truck Farm (2011): An urban folk opera as surprising and fun as its subject, a garden in the back of a pickup truck in New York City. Official Selection, Mountainfilm in Telluride.

Bluespace (in production): In this orignal score, underwater soundcapes and surf rock are stirred together using studio and field recordings, emulating the liquid spaces surrounding us.

Out of State (in production): Taking inspiration from traditional Hawaiian music and the southwestern desert landscape, the score reflects the struggle to maintain identity in exile.